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It is Our Job to Help You

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About Us and Our Mission 

Why Join The HCA

Our Mission       


Our goal and mission at the Hispanic Chefs Association is to EDUCATE AND ELEVATE our community and fellow culinary enthusiasts. We will be educators, mentors, role models, guides and friends that come along side you and are willing to help you and others. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of chefs and culinary experts.  One of the core tenants of the HCA will be development of leadership skills and the tools needed to teach those skills to others in the community.  As well as inform the community about the why’s of Educating and Elevating the Hispanic community across a multi-generational spectrum , and to inform them of the educational opportunities through our academic and trade partnerships. 


Our Vision

The purpose of the HCA is to provide a national platform and network for like minded Latin/Hispanic chefs to network, provide support to each other , develop their leadership skills , provide leadership to the culinary and Hispanic/Latino community and align themselves with the Hispanic Restaurant Association mission and vision. A member of the HCA will be :

  • A Role model for others

  • Be a continuous and life-long learner

  • Supporter of the community by helping others in need as appropriate and bandwidth allows

  • Support HRA national and local initiatives by sharing  via social media and local networks

  • Use their skills and influence to develop others and show the value of a culinary career

  • Use the 5 Pillars Leadership Renaissance Model to develop themselves and others

  • Give more than you get and recognize serving something bigger than themselves is key to our success.

  • Be an ambassador that represents the country of origin as appointed by the HRA. 

  • Have a mutually beneficial relationship with HRA Technology Partners such as Chamba, Peer Brands , ToMarket , Spoton that can help restaurants, food trucks and aspiring entrepreneurs.


​In turn , the HRA Leadership and its related components will use its business and culinary network, media tools, influence , structure and skills to support Chefs involved with the HCA. Some of this support will be but is not limited to:

  • Social Media posts on LinkedIn

  • Use socical media to highlight achievements

  • Have Chefs on the Colorado Food Magazine podcast

  • Have Chef profiles highlighted in differnt media

  • Appoint as chapter leadership when deserved and earned

  • Develop as a leader using 5 Pillars Leadership Renaissance Model

  • Be part of Hispanic Chefs Leadership Summit Series

  • Share information with other Chefs so they can support one another

  • Have monthly zoom meeting to highlight achievements and develop agenda

  • HRA Leadership will write recommendations to major culinary publications and culinary award groups

  • Appoint Chefs as an ambassador to represent the HRA/HCA at the state , regional and country level


Members, partners and affiliates of the HRA/ HCA shall be respectful of each other at all times. We will model the manners and behaviors we wish to see in our members and partnerships to include every level of leadership. To include non-disparagement and gossip.


Disagreements will be handled professionally and with transparency. Members and partners shall not recruit, poach or otherwise ask Chefs to participate in events unless the Chef wants to be approached.

​​Develop the Hispanic Chefs Association into a World Class Chef's Association through the following: 

  • Educational Seminars with industry professionals in the culinary world

  • Cooking competitions such as Hispanic Top Chef

  • Leadership training Seminars with World Class Leaders 

  • Partnerships with organizations with similar aligned Visions 

  • Partnerships with Academic Institutions that with help us Educate and Elevate the Hispanic Community 

  • Use Digital Technology Tools & HRA Media as an Information and Influence medium to accomplish the Vision and Mission

  • Seek sponsorships from appropriate organizations with similarly aligned visions

  • Utilize the Restaurant Vendors and Suppliers Network to help chefs and restaurants operate effectively and efficiently 

  • Hold festivals and award ceremonies to celebrate achievements 

  • Develop the "Latin Supper Club" Series to Educate and Elevate the Hispanic Chef and raise the profile of Latin infused cuisine.

  • Be a networking mechanism to help each other solve problems, seek opportunities, better ourselves and others.  

  • Have a Hispanic Chef's Association Member Leadership Council to develop strategy, methodologies and tools to grow the organizations influence and profile

Industry , Media and Community support of our events is a key component to driving the overall success of the mission and vision of the Hispanic Restaurant Association and the Hispanic Chefs Association. The Hispanic Restaurant Association and the Hispanic Chefs Association are very different iin the sense we are a synergistic, high performance and trust driven TEAM from different parts of the Food and Beverage Industry.


We look for and have created a high performance, high trust, teamwork environment and we do first and talk later. We believe in relationship building and look for long term strategic effects rather than just a transactional relationship. The Hispanic/Latin Community makes up a majority of the restaurant community and is considered to be the backbone of the food service industry. Particularly the line cooks , labor or back of the house. We’ve developed a comprehensive set of events, educational tools, media platforms, and a leadership model to begin a national effort in lowering barriers to advancement.


Listed are some of our events and ideas that we’ve developed since our founding a little over a year ago. Mission and Vision driven performance and mindset combined with a world class leadership program is how we will get it done. We recognize it is a long term generational and cultural fight but we are up for the challenge.


Come join us in this fight for shaping the future for those in the culinary industry.

  • Nations first Hispanic Top Chef

  • Nations first Hispanic Chefs Association and Summit

  • Nations first Food and Beverage Language Institute in conjunction with Community College of Denver – This program will be a scalable national program

  • 5 Pillars Leadership Model

  • Leading the effort at the state and federal levels to get a proclamation for ‘Hispanic Restaurant Week” during Hispanic Heritage Month- an online social media campaign to visit a restaurant during the designated time.

  • Only Restaurant Association focused on the growth of the back of the house employee from a path of progression , Whole Person Concept and Educate and Elevate mindset.

We welcome you! 

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