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Tools For Development 

Listed below are some of the tools available to you as a member of the association. They are designed to help you in your personal as well as professional growth. But the key to success will be that internal drive and fire that propels all great leaders forward.  The desire to be better and better those around you and train them to be the best versions of themselves!

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5 Pillars Leadership Model

Executive Chef Leadership Training & Kitchen Team Training  

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HCA Leadership Summit(s)

Local , Regional and National Leadership Roles

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Our Premiere Event in conjunction with our annual Hispanic Chefs Summit designed to hear from voices and leaders in the industry. 

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Develop a local chapter & the type of leaders  we seek

  • Big picture thinker

  • Humble

  • Elevates others

  • Continous Learner

  • Team Player 

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Restaurant Training Tools/Clinics 

Entrepreneur and Business Foundation Training to include but not limited to:

  • Menu Engineering

  • Food Costing

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • HR Recommendations

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Path Of Progression Tools and Templates

Designed to provide a path to get the dishwasher trained to the next two levels and more as skill and talent is recognized.

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Food and Beverage Language Institute

Designed to provide a path to get the dishwasher promoted to the highest level possible, learn english and leadership skills. This is designed for non-english speaking candidates.

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