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Welcome to the Hispanic Chefs Association 


One Mission:One Team:One Fight 
To Educate and Elevate

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Come Join us for the Journey Ahead!

The purpose of the HCA is to provide a national platform and network for like minded Latin/Hispanic chefs to network, provide support to each other, develop their leadership skills , provide leadership to the culinary and Hispanic/Latino community, as well as the culinary industry at large and align themselves with the Hispanic Restaurant Association mission and vision. In addition, seek better opportunities for growth when warranted and desired through our placement teams and network.


Our goal and mission at the Hispanic Chefs Association is to EDUCATE AND ELEVATE our community and fellow culinary enthusiasts. We will be educators, mentors, role models, guides and friends that come along side you and are willing to help you and others. Our goal is to inspire a new generation of chefs and culinary experts.  One of the core tenants of the HCA will be development of leadership skills and the tools needed to teach those skills to others in the community. As well as inform the community about the importance of Educating and Elevating the Hispanic Community across a multi-generational spectrum, and to inform them of the educational opportunities through our academic and trade partnerships.


The Hispanic Restaurant and Chefs Association is recognized as a public charity by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service under §501(c)(3) IRC, EIN: 86-2313981.  Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Meet our Leadership Team

The Leadership of the HCA is more than just a Chef or Executive Chef title. All were chosen for their ability to give to and see something bigger than themselves and are the epitome of great leadership. Humble, selfless, courageous, adaptable with a generous spirit to teach, mentor and elevate those all around them! 

John Jaramillo

President - Hispanic Restaurant Association / Selene Nestor -Chief of Operations - Hispanic Restaurant Association

Our Leadership Model

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